The Hills of North Carolina

You may be offended by the title, but being from Denver, CO, most of the so-called "mountains" in other parts of the US, are actually just hills. This doesn't take away the fact that the area of Winton-Salem, NC is incredibly beautiful. There are many places to hike, camp, rock climb, and many other activities to do there! 

We found ourselves enjoying thirty to forty-five minute drives through the rolling countryside to get to various venues for Alyssa and Stephen's wedding. We enjoyed many gorgeous sunsets and a night by a campfire, filled with stories and laughter. It was such an amazing trip and amazing company.

Alyssa and Stephen held their wedding at Luna's Trail. This wedding and event center was such an amazing venue to have a wedding. The ceremony was on the side a huge hill that overlooked Hanging Rock State Park. Following the ceremony, we went down the hill to the reception hall, set in a field surrounded by a forest of trees. 

The great room, where we had a delicious dinner, was perfect. It had super high ceilings covered in metal tile with an open wall that looked out into the field. The weather was perfect as guests were able to enjoy games on the porch and then stroll to their seats to eat. 

Sometimes you have to get creative when making wedding films because it is super fun to change things up. So, we also decided to do something different and order some smoke bombs. We put the light behind Alyssa and Stephen and then had them dance. The effect worked really well. Then we gave them a smoke bomb and they danced while holding it. This made us so happy while we filmed because it looks so awesome! Here are a couple of screen grabs from it. We didn't include this in the Teaser Film because we want it fits with the Highlight film so much better. So look out for our post of the Highlight film!

We had such an amazing time in North Carolina and can't wait to travel again!