We are over halfway through our time here in Spain and it has been exciting, difficult, easy, adventurous, and wonderful all at the same time. Ali and I were able to travel to many different places during our Christmas break including Marseille, Nice, Milan, Cinque Terre, Assisi, Rome, Florence, and Venice. All of these cities had their own unique characteristics which was incredible to see and experience. One of our favorite stops was Venice. 

Venice has always been a city that I've seen in movies or read about in books, but I never really thought that I would be able to experience it. So, when Ali suggested that we should go there, I flung everything that was in my hands at that moment and exclaimed, "You bet your bottom dollar we should go to Venice!"...but seriously, I was super pumped for the opportunity to go to Venice!

When we arrived in Venice it was extremely foggy. I actually thought that we had walked into a Pirates of the Caribbean movie because of the fogginess. I was waiting for Jack Sparrow to swing down from a building, land in a gondola, and then ride away like nothing happened. In fact, it was so foggy that we were unable to see across the main canal. It made for a mystical, magical experience, however we weren't able to see any spectacular views. 

We went on a half day tour that went to three different islands: Murano, Burano, and Torcello. It was incredibly fun. Murano is known for its exquisite glass, Burano for its lace, and Torcello for its white, stone chair. In the vlog you can see a little of the glass blowing and the beautifully colored buildings. One of the best foods we had was a cannoli on Burano! The creme was perfect as was the crispy, pastry shell!

Two of the dinners we had were incredible. We found this interesting restaurant with a host who loved to make you feel uncomfortable...haha. He suggested we try the fresh sea bass. It sounded good, but we did not know what we were in for. After waiting for an hour for it, he brought out a silver platter with vegetables and an entire sea bass staring right into my soul...He then proceeded to prepare the fish so we didn't have to pick through the parts. It ended up being one of the best fillets of fish that I've ever had!

The next night we went to a local, organic restaurant that our Airbnb host recommended. It was AMAZING!!! I had the lasagna and Ali got cheesy spaghetti. Now you may say, "Mike, I have had both of these before. You're in Venice. Eat something more interesting." I would then reply and say, "You have no idea of the quality of these two dishes." The lasagna had some sort of spice that made it a little sweet yet salty. Amazing! Ali's cheesy spaghetti was made with homemade noodles they had just made in the front of the restaurant. Then, a cook from the back came out with an entire wheel of cheese. He poured some hot water into a crater made in the top of the wheel of cheese. He put the homemade noodles into the wheel of cheese and started stirring it, slopping it, and flipping it until the noodles were drenched in cheese. He plated it and served it to Ali with a smile! We both have never had such amazing pasta dishes! A must if you ever go to Venice!

Our trip was amazing! Soon I will have more posts about our time in Italy. You can check out the other traveling vlogs at our vimeo page here. Thanks for checking out the blog!! Traveling is the best! Wooo!